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Who We Are

MyRoom Acoustics is a company specialized in Acoustics Design, Consulting and custom monitoring loudspeaker Manufacturing. We provide world-wide design and consulting services for Professional Music Studios, Video and Cinema Facilities, Home Recording Studios and for Performance and Entertainment Spaces.

What We Do

We provide our clients with flexible, custom tailored engineering services ranging from counseling to full implementation and follow-up of their projects, wherever they are in the world.

Why Choose Us

Over twenty years of experience in research and development (physics, acoustics, electro-acoustics, and electronics) give us the expertise to deal with the given requirements no matter how complex they may be. We are the authors of a new studio acoustical design and the first one particularly dedicated to Surround Control Rooms, called MyRoom Design.



We design acoustics for Control Rooms, Live Rooms, Foley Rooms, Voice Over Rooms, Multipurpose rooms, etc.


We do acoustical measurements of empty rooms or rooms acoustically designed by us or someone else.


We make all documentation needed for building team to prepare and assemble acoustic treatment designed by us.


We can do all support, consulting, problem solving using online services as Skype, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

Studio Monitors

We design and manufacture high quality custom active and passive Studio Monitors, capable to provide the most accurate, uncolored, best possible representation of your music.

Hybrid Diffusers

We design and produce high quality hybrid diffusers for our room designs as well as loudspeaker cabinets and studio furniture specially designed for using in Control Rooms.

Control in situ

We can also travel to the location for the purpose of giving first hand consulting, controling and overlooking construction progress, professional acoustical measuring, if it's possible, affordable and/or necessary.

Building Team

We do not have our building team and we expect from customer to arrange his own building team, but if it is not possible we have some contractors for this.

Our references

- Fractal QRD Diffuser of 2x7th order for "Barba Studios", Beograd, Serbia

- Recording and Surround Control Room design for "RES Media Studios", Novi Sad, Serbia...MRAD

- Side diffusers design for "Hill River Studios", Beograd, Serbia

- Two Control Rooms and one Vocal Booth for "Artistic Workshop Prizor", Beograd, Serbia

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Radio IN", Novi Sad, Serbia

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Studio Kovacevici", Beograd, Serbia

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Studio Pera", Beograd, Serbia

- Control Room and Custom Monitoring System SM-3 for "Studio Pressed Lizard", Beograd, Serbia...MRAD

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Studio Marjanovic", Beograd, Serbia

- Multipurpose Room for "Studio Homeland", Osijek, Croatia

- TV Studio for "IN Televizija", Bijeljna, Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Studio Music World", Beograd, Serbia

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Studio Patalo", Pozarevac, Serbia

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Studio Nameless", Beograd, Serbia

- Control Room for "Studio Unfamous", Novi Sad, Serbia

- Equipment vibration and noise suppression for local internet provider, Beograd, Serbia

- Soundproofing design for local big events room, Beograd, Serbia

- Audiophile listening room for Dmitry Novikov, Vilnius, Lithuania

- Control Room and Live Room for "Studio Tillco", Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Muzicki Atelje Radivojevic", Petrovac, Serbia

- Architectural design, Control Room and Live Room for "M2932 Studios", Ecka, Serbia...MRAD Mk2

- Two Control Rooms and two Live Rooms for "Trivia Studios", Nis, Serbia...MRAD Mk2

- Multipurpose room for "Muzicki Studio Mirkovic", Sabac, Serbia

- Live Room, Foley Room and two Control Rooms for "Underground Sound Factory", Beograd, Serbia...MRAD

- Control Room and Custom Studio Monitoring SM-3XL for "Studio Bajta", Zelezniki, Slovenia...MRAD Mk2

- Mastering Room for "Hyppocratic Mastering", Wakefield, United Kingdom...MRAD Mk2

- Control Room for "Studio D&T", Zajecar, Serbia...MRAD Mk2

- Surround Control Room for "NVL bvba", Kessel, Belgium...MRAD Mk2

- Multipurpose Room for "Fjellheim Studios", Kråkerøy, Norway...MRAD Mk2

- Two Control Rooms, Live Room and Vocal Booth for "Studio SoundVerve", Serpong, Indonesia...MRAD Mk2

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Home Recording Studio", Sabac, Serbia...MRAD Mk2

- Control Room for "Studio Vrisak", Velika Gorica, Croatia...MRAD Mk2 (modular)

- Control Room and Live Room for Grzegorz Kudzia, Spytkowice, Poland...MRAD Mk2

- Control Room and Vocal Booth for "Master Blaster Studio", Beograd, Serbia

- Multipurpose Room "Studio Jatara", Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Control Room and VoiceOver Booth for "Taramount Film", Beograd, Serbia



MRAD - MyRoom Acoustic Design principle

MRAD Mk2 - MyRoom Acoustic Design principle, second edition

Our Portfolio

Our publications

- Acoustical design of control room for stereo and multichannel production and reproduction, a novel approach, 129th AES Convention, 2010.

- MyRoom Acoustic Design principle, White Paper, 2010

- A novel approach of multichannel and stereo control room acoustic treatment, second edition, 140th AES Convention, 2016.

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Milica Milena Vejnovic

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